Site Progress Reports

December 2019 Site Progress Report

We started work on the main house!


May through September 2019

A long slow winter with little progress......

April 2019 Site Progress report

A month of distraction and diversion as we build rammed earth walls somewhere else instead!


March 2019 Site Progress Report

A slightly slower month with some progress achieved....... including a yellow driveway


February 2019 SIte Progress Report

This was a BIG month.....this was the month that we moved into the first part of the Living House. The Living House Tiny House!


January 2019 Site Progress Report

Gosh another month and another series of disasters! Who would have thought!


December 2018 Site Progress Report

This was a bad month so the progress was short and not sweet...


November 2018 Site Progress Report

Another busy month at the Living House. We are hoping to move into the first part of the Living House in January 2019 (yes that is right 2019, not 2020!) so we have been working super hard to try and get things ready. 


October 2018 Site Progress Report

YAY, it was sunny for a while. That meant that we could actually make some progress on site!

September 2018 SIte Progress Report

It  was all go on site this month. A heap of progress was made on the building site and the existing House of Payne was turned into a tree. Not only that....we also went electric!


August 2018 Site Progress Report

 Not our best month on site. A bit wet and a few disasters entailed!


July 2018 Site Progress Report

Progress has finally been made this month........but is it good progress? Read more to find out!


June 2018 Site Progress Report

A great and wet month in which to ram walls!


May 2018 Site Progress Report

April was an exciting month, so exciting that we had to spread the love over to May as well.....


April 2018 Site Progress Report

progress has been EXTREMELY slow on site. But a few exciting things have happened!


March 2018 Site Progress Report

Our first ever rammed earth wall on the proper house............


February 2018 Site Progress Report

Yee hah, the bob cat is fixed and we can ram again. This has meant that we have finally finished the playhouse walls and can start on the main house!

January 2018 Site Progress Report

Very little progress has been made this month due to the broken bobcat. This has meant that we couldn't start ramming walls in January as previously hoped!

December 2017 Site Progress Report

Yet again it has been a very busy time on site. At the end of our last update we were still digging the trenches and getting the boxing in for the strip footings. Well since then we have installed some very big and heavy strip footings cages as well as a forest of reinforcing.

November 2017 Site Progress Report

Time for another progress report. Time has moved on smartly since we last put keys to keyboard to document what we have been doing at the Living House.  We are therefore pleased to be able to report that the basement is all finished, except for a final concrete pour and then 'the basement roof'. 

October 2017 Site Progress Report

Works have been continuing nicely on site. We've (well at least our blocklayer) has managed to get all the blockwork walls up and in place. So we spent the lovely sunny weather on Saturday installing the fantastic Declare labelled Autex insulation in the void between the double layer of blockwork walls. Who knew that on this project we would gain skills like reinforcing and insulation installation. If I decide that I have had enough of being a Building Excellence Engineer then I have additional career options.

September 2017 Site Progress Report

So we finally managed to get the waterproofing done at the start of September - during that wonderful stretch of fine weather that has now left us. We then spent the Saturday and Sunday installing reinforcing! Not something that I am in a hurry to do again I have to say. My legs were killing me on Monday. I could hardly walk.  

August 2017 SIte Progress Report

The Living Hosue is now referred to as the extreme house of Payne or the Hell House! As you might be able to guess things did not go smoothly on site yesterday. We have 2 issues. One is a major and the other can be resolved relatively easily. 

June 2017 Site Progress Report

Yee hah! we finally broke ground

March through May 2017

Not much went on on site during this time as we were waiting for the discharge and the building consents to be issued. 

Feburary 2017 Site Progress report

slow progress on site

January 2017 Site progress report

Major works occurred on site in January with the majority of the resource consent subdivision works taking place

December 2016 Site progress report

The commencement of the resource consent subdivision works to create the section for the Living House

November 2016 Site progress report

The start of the Living House project

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