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April 2018

Apparently we are a little rubbish about talking about our site progress these days! It has been an appallingly long period of time since we updated our progress. The only thing in favour of this delay is the fact that we haven't made all that much progress! So here we go......


We were super lucky to have our first volunteer come to site in March to help us build some wall. The amazing Stefan came up and pitched in for 2 weeks! AND helped us ram the very first wall on the one bedroom apartment for the Living House.

Joel's dad (Paynie) was also a massive help working long shifts on the rammer.

 This shot shows really nicely how one of our walls is put together. We have 260mm of rammed earth on either side, 80mm of XPS insulation (red list free insulation called Xnergy made by Dow Chemical) and then just the steel reinforcing bars going up the middle. How simple can you get! We do also have Proclima tapes (the black tape that you can see on the top of the XPS) for airtightness (while XPS is airtight in itself the joins between sheets are not) and AAC Hebel as a thermal break underneath each rammed wall.