One of the hardest things about targeting the Living Building Challenge is making sure that ALL the products and materials that we use in the house are Red List compliant (find our more about the reasoning behind the RED LIST here >>). This is actually been more of a challenge than we thought it would be.....and one of the hardest parts has been the fact that there is very little information out there about what products comply. In desperation in the past we have actually turned to researching other worldwide LBC projects to see if we could use the same products and materials as them....all to no avail. Almost no one appears to be willing to share the intellectual property that they have developed by going through the LBC process. Well the Living House is going to be different and we are happy to share out information. So please below find a full list of information of exactly who and what we have used for every single item on the Living House. 


We are only just starting out on this process so this page will be dynamic and updated as we select products and gather documentation. 

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