October 2017

Works have been continuing nicely on site. We've (well at least our blocklayer) has managed to get all the blockwork walls up and in place. So we spent the lovely sunny weather on Saturday installing the fantastic Declare labelled Autex insulation in the void between the double layer of blockwork walls. Who knew that on this project we would gain skills like reinforcing and insulation installation. If I decide that I have had enough of being a Building Excellence Engineer then I have additional career options.

However we are now stopped dead for a while as we:

1) need to find a solution to the basement roof conundrum and

2) need to secure re-financing so we can continue to build


We are hoping to still be able to continue on with putting in the in ground plumbing and excavating the footings for the minor household unit while we wait for the basement roof problem to get sorted.  


On the lighter side of life, we got our first RFI on our stage 2 building consent  at the start of the month. Can you believe that one of the questions was "how is compliance with H1 achieved and tested". Gee I don't know, how about the fact that it is 10 Homestar Design Rated, and is targeting Passive House certification. Maybe that means it is possible that it can achieve NZBC H1 standard????However, one has to tick the boxes so I have just spent half and hour of wasted time modelling the Living House in ALF.

The blockwork walls for the basement have been completed and we have just made a decision on what we are going to do for the basement roof. We have also started work digging out the strip footings for the foundations of the one bedroom apartment that we hope to move into before the end of January! This has been a lot of hard work as we are digging them out by hand, with a spade. And when I say we, I mean me (Rochelle!!!) Joel has bought himself a new toy and has been playing with it onsite for the last couple of days. He is going to be using it initially to build another skin on the playhouse to show off the skills that he learned in Canada at the SIREwall course. Hopefully we will be able to show you some images of those skills in the next couple of weeks.

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