March 2019

March was the month of moving into the 'Tiny House' and trying to get things sorted. One of the big things that needed to be completed was the roof! We finally got the final layers of the roof on which was very exciting as it meant that we wouldn't get 'wet' anymore inside. 

On the inside of the tiny house nothing was finished. The ceilings need to be painted with the amazing  Natural Paint Company Paints... Tethers needed to be installed......Kitchens needed to be water.....power points.......lights........WINDOWS!

What a disaster!

But we did get the first part of a kitchen installed by the amazing Brendan from InHouse Designs. Truly the best trades person I have ever worked with! As with all our projects it nearly broke him. He HATED having to work with reused cupboards as nothing was straight or true....or fitted. But between us we managed to work out a design that could fit and it looks really quite lovely....well it did until Joel got his hands on it!

We also prepped and poured a part of the driveway this month. We used the Firth Declare mix and then added some wonderful oxides from Peter Fell. What do you think of the yellow?

We also had a visit from Ormiston Junior College who came out to learn about the Living House and in particular about natural and sustainable materials and how they could apply these to a project of theirs at school. It was a great visit and hopefully they left inspired!

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