March 2018

The start of March was exciting. Not for anything on site but because I did our first radio interview on Radio Live. On site things also were exciting as our first volunteer, Stefan from Christchurch, came to stay with us for a while to learn more about building with rammed earth (he is planning to build his own house out of rammed earth sometime).


A lot of preparation work goes into building a rammed earth wall. All the foundations have to be completed, the formwork has to be built and because we are a Passive House project we also have to put in all the Hebel thermal breaks and made sure they are airtight (other wise our Passive House Designer (Elrond Burrell from VIA) will tell us off! 

It was very exciting to see all our supporters products lined up and ready to go into our rammed earth walls. For those of your who don't remember here is how it is all put together:

Formwork - Strandfloor by The Laminex Group
Thermal break - AAC by CSR Hebel
Airtightness - Tapes by pro clima
Insulation - Xnergy by Forman Group
Reinforcing - Complete Reo Services

And the extra special rammed earth mix:
Colour - Peter Fell Ltd
Cement - Golden Bay cement
Aggregate and Sand
Special waterproofing resin (top secret agent!

It actually took longer than anticipated to ram the wall! Two FULL working days. However all the boys (and nana Sandra) did a magnificent job and got it done!

The unveiling of the wall was pretty special as well as we had some special guests with us. Pip Bolton, her husband Ken, and Greg and Fabi from Digital Ninja were with us for the weekend to also learn about rammed earth. PIp is working on the amazing Hundertwasser Museum project up in Kawakawa as the architect, and this project is having some beautiful rammed earth walls in it, while Greg and Fabi are planning on building their own rammed earth house. So they all came down to our project to touch and feel and learn about rammed earth. They were lucky to be here with us on the day that we unveiled our first wall!

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