Potable Water & Plumbing

We are so excited to have Kembla on board as a supporter of the Living House as they provide copper pipes in NZ!!!! This means that we can eliminate nasty plastics (especially PVC) from our potable water supply to the house.  This is a really big deal for us as we can't have any PVC as a part of the project to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge. 

We also think that you shouldn't have any PVC pipes in your houses as well! Take a look at our blogs if you don't already know why! And then give Kembla a call and tell them that you want to use their pipes. 

Contact details 

P O Box 51 525                         20b Trugood Drive
Pakuranga                                East Tamaki
Auckland 2140                          Auckland 2013



PH: 09 274 0111 or 0800 KEMBLA

e-mail: sales@kembla.co.nz

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