June 2018

After the awesome distraction of the wall workshop in April we really needed to settle down and start building some walls on the house. The basement also required some attention as it was still leaking. June was therefore designated to be the month of progress! Did that happen? Well a little bit. We managed to get the attention of the waterproofing contractors and they came back to site a couple of times, and did some serious work on trying to fix the leaks. However it has still not been successful and the basement is still leaking water. It is getting serious now as we are starting to get stagnant water sitting in the basement (we don't have the time to vacuum it out all the time) and that has started to cause surface mould growth on our awesome Abodo roof timbers. Major problem! We think the time has now come to perhaps dig out around the entire outside of the basement, back down to the join in the waterproofing and reseal the entire join, and perhaps add another layer of waterproofing over the top of what is already there AND then add some XPS for protection and then back fill with gravel. Major works!

In other news, while the basement is a disaster we have actually manage to build some rather pretty looking walls! Our 'poosher" from the US (Erin Burk) stayed with us in the Hundertwasser sleep out for a few weeks and helped Joel and Max build this fantastic looking wall. We would have built some additional walls but the weather was really not our friend! This new corner wall is a personal favourite of ours. We love the softer colors and the mix of variation.

We even managed to get our amazing architect, Phil Smith from Collingridge and Smith, and assorted friends and family out to site to help us build another wall. Look Phil is even wielding a spade!

Next month (July) is going to be another big push on getting the walls on the one bedroom air bnb finished so we can get the roof on and maybe some windows in! If anyone wants to come and learn about rammed earth.....drop us a line!

The pictures below are of the amazing windows that we are going to be using on the house. Triple glazed, with timber inside and aluminium on the outside. The windows are made by SEDA and that is Chris in the photo talking us through them the other day. Thank you Elrond Burrell from VIA for recommending SEDA to us. 

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