June 2017

So Joel has been practising his ramming technique by building the kids a playhouse. The first wall had a few issues, but I have to say that the second wall is really quite lovely! The first wall that Joel built is on the right hand side of the photograph. The formwork blew out on the wall a little bit making some rough areas on the walls. And I personally don't really like the colors on the first wall all that much. However I really love the colors on the second wall. Joel added much more of the yellow oxide to the second wall and the difference is amazing. I think the second wall is a million times better, both in terms of technique as well as color when compared to the first. Just imagine how good Joel will be once he has done a course AND built a house!

And thank you PETER FELL Ltd, for the beautiful oxide colors that you have given us to use in the walls of the house. They are just amazing! We are very excited about how this is all going to turn out

The month of June was also the month to dig our the first ETS beds (by hand!) And it was also the month that our wonderful engineers from Markplan Consulting Ltd just called me to give me the bad news that our house is too heavy and basically needs to go on a massive diet! We can either change the design of the house to eliminate the rammed earth on the second floor and loose the green roof and the 3rd storey deck........OR.......... we are going to have to put in massive piles underneath the house and basement to support the house! Disaster, do you compromise the house design (and potentially risk the LBC certification if we can't control all our stormwater on site) or spend the tens of thousands of $$ that is is going to require to put in piles!


But on a happier note we also finally had the ground breaking! We were super lucky the the weather held out for us.  A lot of people came along to help us celebrate this milestone. We actually realised earlier in the day that it has been 1 year since we started on this journey by meeting with Auckland Council to determine if it would be at all possible to subdivide to even create the Living House section. The NZGBC came along and presented us with our 10 Homestar Design Rating certificate. We also had representatives from the Passive House Institute and Living Future.

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