January 2017

Well we have just come back from a 2 week xmas holiday and we are back in the crazy world of subdivision.  We are today starting a very busy 3 week schedule of trying to get all the subdivision works completed so we can apply for building consent on our new house (the Living House).  The below photo is what works look like on the afternoon of January 9th!

Here is the schedule:

9 January: (i) Dig trench between 117a & 119 for stormwater / phone and power ducts (Vinnie) (ii) dig up existing 119 asphalt driveway and concrete driveways.  Note: Chorus Duct being installed in afternoon of this day!

10 January: Dig 117a (lot 2)  water tanks and old septic tank and concrete driveway.

11 January: Bed and located 117a (lot 2) water tanks - Dig Lot 3 water tanks

12 January: Bed and locate Lot 3 water tanks Chorus and Vector underground power and phone connection?

13 January:– Vinnie away in Rotorua– Crane 119 double garage over to 117a

14/15: Weekend   - existing 119 carport to be relocated to new position – dig out existing 119 concrete pad before carport is relocated!            

16 January: Vinnie away in Rotorua -  

17 January: Find and locate existing sewer lines. Dig trenches for new public sewer line and manholes.

18 January: Install new manholes and sewer pipe (inspection!)

19 January: Install new manholes and sewer pipe

20 January: Connect up to main sewer main and houses Connect up 117a water tanks (Shay)

21/22: Weekend                   

23 January: Connect up 117a water tanks (Shay) Install conduit on outside of Margaret’s house, pull and coil up cables at existing phone pole, make connections to house. Connect 119 office back to house power supply (currently supplied by extension cord J) (Lewis). Lay Gap 40 for ROW and vehicle crossing and compact

24 January: Connect up 119 pump (Shay). Knock down 119 water tanks Box up ROW and vehicle crossing – install mesh

25 January: Box up ROW and vehicle crossing – install mesh – Auckland Transport inspection

26 January: Pour ROW and vehicle crossing

27 January: Work complete!

Jan 10th  was the day that we dug out the holes for the new water tanks for our next door neighbours existing house. Our resource consent conditions to sub divide require that we provide 45,000L of rainwater tanks for fire fighting purposes for each of the lots as part of the sub division. Since there are 3 lots that is 150,000L of water tanks!


We are using Dart Concrete to provide the water tanks for Lots 2 and 3 (we used Warkworth Tanks for Lot 1). The only reason for the change was $$. Dart Concrete were significantly more cost effective in terms of price to supply the tanks. 


Both Warkworth Tanks and Dart Concrete have been excellent companies to deal with in terms of supplying rain water tanks and we could heartily recommend using either of them. 


We had a couple of oops moments installing these tanks:

1. Rochelle fell in the trench for the power and phone ducting while trying to jump over it to talk to Vinnie (from Vibe Dig) about the location of the water tanks.

2. Our next door neighbours dog got out and ran away as we have taken all the fences down. So we had to spend a part of the evening of the 12th looking for her around the streets.

3. We couldn't dig one big hole for both tanks again like last time as the truck didn't have access from both sides. This meant that Vinnie and Scott were sitting around twiddling there thumbs for a few hours!

In one of the more unfortunate aspects of the sub division we have to cut down our brand new car port to make enough space to get a ROW between Lot 1 and Lot 2 to enable access for Lot 3. 

This requires us to cut off a large portion of the carport and then move the carport over. We (well Joel really) has therefore spent the last 3 days trying to do this. This is what the carport looks like this morning. See where the ladder is. That used to be attached to the house and have a door in it as well as a roof!  The plan is that by the end of the day it should be attached to the house again and we should be boxing up to create the new ROW access.


Jan 17 was actually an incredibly busy day on site. We had Vector turn up this morning to do the overhead to underground conversion (and they put there pit in the wrong place!) and we had the carpet cleaner for the house here as well. 

 And then we had Aaron doing the concrete pad for the shed so it is ready to move on Monday. We also had Vinnie trying to help free up the garage (using the digger to lift) from its concrete pad so that it can be craned over on Monday.

And then the following day we had another very busy day on site yesterday as we undertook the earthworks to level out our new section. We also dug out to form the new ROW and driveway for Lot 1 and Lot 3 (see photo below). And as well as all that we also had Aaron Ross pouring the new concrete slab for Lot 2's new garage. Lot 2's new garage is going to be the old garage from Lot 1 and it was meant to have been moved over last Friday. However Aaron asked if we could wait so he could pour the slab first as it would be easier for him to do it this way. I stupidly said yes it could wait and the garage has been in the way ever since! And now it is not moving until Monday next week.

I also had Margaret text the night before to tell me that her phone and internet were no longer working. Since Vector were on site that day working in that exact area it was a bit of a no brainer as to what had happened. So we had to go through Trustpower and Chorus to log a fault and then Chorus also came out yesterday (as well as Vector) to find out what had happened. It appears that the Vector boys stretched the brand new Chorus cable which stops it from working. So the entire cable had to be replaced. 


And this is on top of the Vector boys locating the new pit in the wrong place (ie in the vehicle crossing rather than off to one side of it! So they had to move that for us as well.

January 22nd didn't turn out to be the best day on site. The people who are helping our next door neighbour move our garage onto her property went and disconnected the water pump to our house and somehow managed to get it all filled with dirt/soil. This then blocked the pump and we have had no water to the house for the last 24 hours. 


I rang our wonderful plumber (Shay from SMS Plumbing - who we are also hoping to use on the Living House) and he very kindly popped around this morning to try and get us some water for the weekend. Luckily after a couple of hours he managed to get the pump working and to unblock all the filters in the toilets. Moral of the story - don't get dirt in your water system!


Then the next problem of the day was the fact that Vinnie (our awesome drainlayer) is trying to make a connection to the sanitary sewer for the new public line that is going to run under the Living House that will service Lots 1 and 2. However when he exposed the pipe he discovered that it is ceramic and that it has a hair line crack in it. This means that he will need to replace this section of the pipe as it will crack wide open when he attempts to make the new connection. 


So all in all we are not doing well on site today!

After a lot of delays the double garage finally left home on January 23rd and moved over the Lot 2. The weather has been really windy in Auckland the last few days so we had a brief concern about whether or not the shed would actually be able to go this morning. However the crane arrived at 8am and by 10am the shed was over in its new home. The lift went very smoothly with no major problems apparent immediately. 


The only sad thing for us is that we have lost Vinnie our drainlayer to another job for the next two weeks and our new sewer connection is not finished so we are going to have a bit of a delay in terms of applying for our sign off of everything. Never mind, cannot be helped.

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