January 2018

It has been a very quiet month on the Living House site. Not too much progress has been made as the bob cat is still broken and awaiting the delivery of its new pump from Peru (of all places!!) Joel has been using the time to put up the formwork for the rammed earth (made from the amazing strandfloor from Laminex) as well as pre-cutting the Hebel thermal break that is going to be installed at the base of the rammed earth walls and getting the horizontal reo bars sized and sorted. So while nothing looks like it has changed on site, a fair bit of pre-prep work has been going on in the background. Hopefully this will allow the walls to go up super fast when the bob cat is finally fixed (this week???? - fingers crossed!)

On the back of our LBC biophilia workshop in November last year we have also been implementing some inspirational design changes on our site. We are very keen boaties and we also live right beside the beach (in Beachlands). We have therefore decided to try and bring as much of our love of the ocean into our project as possible (without being too silly). We are currently doing this in two ways. On each of our sailing adventures we have been collecting sea glass (as well as rubbish) off the beaches that we stop at). We are going to use the sea glass in a rain water swale that will help divert rainwater away from our evapotranspiration beds in a similar manner to the blue glass river below. Instead we will be using green, brown and clear sea glass as well as sea shells. We’ve also been collecting shells and using the shells that we collect to create pieces of artwork that will be hung in the Living House. Here is one finished piece and a work in progress. The artwork creation is consoling the author about the lack of progress on site!

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