Financial Incentives for Sustainable Housing (in progress)

We are currently waging an advocacy battle with Auckland Council about them putting a policy in place to financially support the developers of sustainable housing. We initially started our advocacy just asking for our personal development contributions and consent fees to be waived, however as time went on and we got no traction with Auckland Council we decided to broaden this approach to try and get Auckland Council to set in place a policy to support ALL sustainable housing. This battle is still ongoing so we encourage you to:


(1) sign our petition ( and

(2) email the mayor ( the deputy mayor (Penny and/or the Chief Sustainability Officer ( telling them what you think about the fact that Wellington City Council can financially support sustainable building (as well as a voluntary WOF) but Auckland Council - who has more financial resources - is not willing or able to do the same.

Here is some suggested text that you can cut and paste into an email:

Dear Mr Mayor,

I would like to indicate my support for Auckland Council to financially support sustainable development in Auckland through the provision of financial incentives for sustainable houses. In particular I support:
(i) the waiving of consent fees and development contributions for exemplary sustainable homes a Living Building Challenge certified dwelling) and 
(ii) a 50% reduction in consent fees and development contributions for high performing sustainable homes ( 9 or 10 Homestar Built rated dwelling). 
(iii) a 25% reduction in consent fees and development contributions for sustainable homes (7 or 8 Homestar Built rated dwelling). 
Other councils in New Zealand are already providing financial incentives for sustainable housing and I call on Auckland Council to step up, walk the talk, and do the same


Here is the timeline and supporting documentation in relation to this advocacy:

26 January 2017 – Letter sent to development contributions team members – no response 

13 March 2017 – email sent to Mayor Phil Goff – no response

17 May 2017 – email sent to Mayor Phil Goff, cc’d to Penny Hulse, Felipe Panteli, Kim Gilfillan, John Mauor, Adrian Feasey at Auckland Council and the NZGBC 

25 May 2017 – email from the Mayor’s correspondence manager saying that the matter is being looked into. 

31 May 2017 – follow up email sent to all of the above with a copy of the development contribution invoice for the Living House attached. – no response

12 July 2017 – email sent to Penny Pirrit and Ian Smallburn asking for the Living House s224c certificate to be issued while the DC discussion is being held (no response) 

18 July 2017 – call from Andrew Benson advising that he has been put in charge of answering our request. Followed up with an email. 

18 July 2017 – email to Andrew Benson, Consenting made easy

18 July 2017 – reply from Andrew Benson

26 July 2017 – email sent to Matthew Blaikie in the Chief Sustainability Office 

31 July  2017 – letter of response from Felipe Panteli 

3 August 2017 – Living House response to letter from Felipe Panteli 

1 October 2017 - Further letter to Felipe Pantelli 

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