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Mar 12, 2018

Design Trends for the Fabulous Minimalist Look

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Most urban people of today are constantly surrounded by flashy screens, noise, loads of work and sharp smells of the city, so when they come home, they wish to feel separated and isolated from the outside bustle and hustle. This is why more and more people embrace minimalism that allows them to rest their brains, eyes and ears and just enjoy the peace of their homes. This is especially visible now that the millennials are slowly becoming homeowners. They are surely adjusting the interior design to fit their needs and wishes that are much more organic, mindful, eco-friendly and wellness-oriented than those of generations before. So, it’s not a surprise that newer generations rush to embrace minimalism in all spheres of their life, especially in interior design, and use its benefits to their own gain. If you too feel attracted to simplicity of a de-cluttered and simple space, here is how you can achieve beautiful yet minimalist space in your home.


Concentrate on what is important

The minimalist philosophy strongly concentrates on a design that is simple and clean. Every design element needs to have a purpose, either practical or aesthetic. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live like a Spartan—actually, the minimalist scheme allows you to express yourself through color, textures, lines and clever design. When done right, minimalist spaces can look highly designed and styled and have a strong vibe of light and airiness. This atmosphere of order and simplicity is the biggest trend in minimalism.


Express yourself with color

The lack of intricate lines, patterns and accessories allows you to pay extra attention to your color scheme. Big and clear wall surfaces allow you to be bold and creative with paint to add interest, but they also provide you with an opportunity to enhance the simplicity of the space with neutral colors. Whichever you choose, your paint job will really stand out thanks to the lack of clutter and decoration.


Opt for simple furniture

The furniture in your minimalist space should be functional and simple. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and aesthetics. The biggest trend in minimalist interior design is to match the color of the furniture with the overall color scheme of your space to prevent it from sticking out and disrupting the simplicity. Additionally, you should concentrate on lines. They should be smooth and sleek, so you can focus on simple curved sofas for your living room, some unusual but simple chairs and try finding an oval bath like ACS Designer Bathrooms has for your bathroom. This all will contribute to the simple and minimalist aesthetics, while you can still enjoy the comfort of your home.


Add interest with textures

There are minimalists who consider overly simple spaces with neutral tones too sterile, so they opt to bring in some depth and warmth with textures. Warm, knitted throws, fluffy pillows and sheepskin rugs are all the rage in minimalism these days. These textured elements, even though neutral in color, will boost the comfort in your home.


Image source: wallartprints.com.au

Make sure your space is healthy

Minimalism goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle trend, so every minimalist space should be equipped with elements that will ensure the wellbeing of its inhabitants. The best way to achieve a healthy living environment is to use an effective HEPA air purifier that will rid your indoor air of any dust, pollen, mold spores, dander and any other pollutants. Also, make sure to provide ample ventilation and concentrate on natural materials, zero-VOC paint and chemical-free cleaners. However, don’t forget about the plants!



Quality over everything

Another great trend in minimalist design is the attention shift from quantity towards quality. It’s very popular to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time, fashion and your personal interests. Pieces that are long-lasting will look untouched by time, not wear out and keep the landfills empty.


Minimalism will introduce you to balance and beauty that is pure and simple, while simultaneously allowing you to live a less chaotic and more relaxed life.


Mar 26, 2018

Great article! :)

I love a minimalist look and I'm planing to implement it in my new apartment. I love your 'simple furniture tips' as well as a suggestion for a designer bathtub. Bathroom is a very important part of home for me and I'm planing to equip it properly. I was considering to install a bidet as well, and I recently found these online: Australian bidet shop https://www.bidetsonline.com.au/. They look great, exactly what I need.

I made a mood board on Pinterest, it helps me a lot in creating a vision of the entire place. I suggest it to anyone! :)



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