February 2018

The bob cat got fixed!!!! Hallelujah praise the lord, we can ram again! Thankfully Joel has taken advantage of this fact and has finished ramming the walls of the playhouse. And it looks AMAZING!!!! Next stop, the main walls of the house.

The sad news is that we had to cancel the Beer and Bangers Basement party. The constant parade of cyclones wore us down in the end and we just couldn't keep the basement dry enough to get the rendering done. So we have had to postpone until such time as we can get the final roof on the basement, and then work out if we do in fact have a basement leak, or if all the water that kept collecting in the basement was in fact coming from the sky. 


Many people have suggested that we turn the basement party into a pool party, but of course we already have a pool, and it looks much nicer than the brown basement water!

We did manage to get some work progressed on the basement and the team from Fisher Painting Services has started the basement rendering using the amazing Graphenstone Paints (painting a house with their paints is the equivalent of planting three trees!) In addition Ibuilt delivered the wonderful HYNE beams to site and we got those installed as you can see in the photo on the left. We we are still waiting for our special roofing timber to arrive so we can 'close in' the basement and start keeping water out.

The stones and shells that we have been collecting have meant the stormwater swales beside the grey water gardens are really starting to take shape. The photo of the left below is what this area looked like a year ago after a patch of heavy rain, and this is what is looks like now. A bit of an improvement I think!

Our constant foraging on local beaches has also been behind the inspiration for a new initiative. As you know we have been collecting rocks, driftwood and sea glass to use on the house. When we have been scouring the beaches that we visit for these items we have also started to notice the rubbish that is on all the beaches that we stay at. So we started picking this up as well, and thus Boaties Beach Clean Up was born. Visit the dedicated Facebook page to find out more.......but... the general idea is that if you own a boat and go cruising, then when you go into shore for a visit, take a spare container with you and pick up any rubbish that you see. Take a photo of what you have collected and post it to the Facebook page and go in the draw to win some hopefully cool prizes!

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