Auckland is lucky to have a temperate climate in general making energy efficient building design relatively simple. As such it is easy to design a house that is comfortable all year round through the use of reasonable levels of insulation, reduced thermal bridging, summertime shading features, and ventilation. see more>>>

It is incredibly easy to focus all your attention and energy on the products and materials that are going to construct your new home. However one of the most important items for ensuring a warm, comfortable and energy efficient home is the passive solar design. see more>>

For the Living House we have tried to reduce our water footprint as much as possible, both in terms of the way that we generate our potable water as well as what we do with our waste water products. The water design of The Living House has been one of the hardest parts of the design and approval process as the Living Building Challenge requires that we all our water demands on site. Not just the potable water that we use, but also the waste water that we produce.  see more>>

One of the hardest things about targeting the Living Building Challenge is making sure that ALL the products and materials that we use in the house are Red List compliant. This is actually been more of a challenge than we thought it would be.....and one of the hardest parts has been the fact that there is very little information out there about what products comply. In desperation in the past we have actually turned to researching other worldwide LBC projects to see if we could use the same products and materials as them....all to no avail. see more>>

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The consents for the Living House have been one of the hardest things to achieve. To try and help smooth the way for other projects we are uploading all of our consent documentation so you can freely use any piece of information that is helpful for your own project.  see more>>


The Living House is using Pinterest to document the visual inspiration for our project. Click on the image above to visit our pinterest page. 

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