December 2018

December started well but ended badly. We got the rest of the floor insulation down, some interior walls up. The concrete floor to the bathroom went in, insulation in the walls, GIB lining on the walls.
We even learnt some things. Apparently Aqualine isn't red list compliant! Who knew. And who also knew that Building Code E3 does NOT require the use of a waterproof board such as aqualine as a wall lining. You can just use normal plasterboard if you want. Tiles, builders and council don't tell you that do they!
We got the vapour barrier down on the Standsarking (to protect it from the elements). Dug the footings for the main house foundations. We even made some short films (more on that coming soon) And then it all came to a screaming halt. We had to put an amendment in for the change in roof design. 
A big then on December 14th a big thunderstorm came racing through and ruined everything. Destroyed the basement, ruined the marquees and shrink wrap etc. Not ideal
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