April 2019

This was the month of moving out! Our tenants told us they were leaving (after only one month of being there) and we had to move out so the floors could get polished. However the floor polishing did not go to plan. The poor man thought  he was going to have the easiest job ever! But it wasn't a concrete floor....it is an earth floor. So it didn't perform the same as concrete. And boy did he have trouble. AND the polisher hit the wall next to the stove and vibrated the front off our brand new stove......smashing it! 


There was a point in time there where they were about to walk off the job and not complete it. We told them to just do the best that they could. It looks pretty nice in the end so we can heartily recommend them. 

We even attended the official opening with the Local Board member and local MP! And made it into the local paper :)

We got a little side tracked part way through the month as we ended up building a pink rammed earth wall at a new cafe location in Beachlands. It turned out REALLY well.  There are two walls.....one is a little stripy and the other one is more ombre.

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