July 2018

We started exposing some of our rammed earth walls this month, with mixed results. All of the walls look amazing in isolation, however when all put together it is a little CRAZY! Some members of the Living House team are not overly excited with the crazy wall colour approach but are still holding an open mind thinking that perhaps it won't look too bad once the roof is on and the interior walls are up. If it does. well there is a back up plan to paint the inside of the one bedroom apartment all the same colour. We don't want to send people staying there crazy after all!

In other exciting news the basement has been getting some serious attention and it is now entirely possible that we have managed to stop water getting in from the outside. We have used Equus Aqua Fin IC to seal the inside of the basement and now hope that we can move ahead and finish rendering the basement, put the stairs in and then install cool things like the wine cellar and wall art. 


We've also had a few visitors on site again this month helping out with the rammed earth. Thank you so much Toby and Corinna (our Air BNB guests who just happened to be really interested in what we were doing so decided to help out for a day) and Toby and Helen who also came up to work with us and learn about rammed earth. 

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