August 2018

We started off August with some more walls going up with the help of our Air BNB guests. I guess it pays to be careful where you choose to never know when you'll be coopted into building a house! Thank you Corinna and Toby

After the serious attention the basement got the previous month it started getting rendered this month by the amazing team from Fisher Painting Services. All of this was occurring in preparation for the big event in September!

And of course some more walls got built!

But then disaster! A huge, super massive downpour of rain on August 29th! Who sent that weather to us?

What a disaster. Joel was out of action after surgery, we had no car for the week as we had just sold the Nissan Xtrail and were waiting for the new 100% electric car (Nissan Leaf) to arrive), the site was completely flooded AND water was hosing into the basement from one of the plumbing pipes! DISASTER!!!!

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