February 2019

February has been a challenging month for us at the Living House. It was the month of the big move! And it hasn't exact;y been smooth sailing moving into the 'Tiny House'. 

We moved in the middle of February - the 17th to be precise -rather than January as previously planned (due to our first tenant pulling out of renting the house). So that delayed us a lot. And then we have just had all sorts of things go wrong and not happen for us. 

We only have temporary windows in the house as the permanent windows haven't been manufactured yet due to delays in components from overseas. We have no hot water as we haven't found a compliant HWC. We have no lights, no kitchen, not shower......the list just goes on and on! 

One of the more exciting things was the first use of the composting toilet.  The first user of our Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Bambooloo toilet was Isabella Payne, That was quickly followed up by the second child that needed to do number twos. And no.....it doesn't smell!

And the final exciting thing that happened in February was that the roof was finally finished!

Everything else this month has been pretty much just attempting to make the Tiny House liveable and to get to grips with how to operate a composting toilet system.

We have had some amazing support with this from Dylan at Waterless Composting Toilets NZ. With the move into the tiny house we obviously started using our Bambooloo composting toilet, so we needed to get a quick lesson on how to compost our poo and wee waste properly. Dylan came out to site and taught us how to load our Clivus Multrum full of coarse wood shavings, peat and charcoal so the basement smells like Scandanavia!


I have another friend who buys from Dylan as well so if you are looking at alternative human waste solutions then Dylan is your man!

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