Imperative 19: Beauty + Spirit

The Living House is planning on providing 3 different types of design features that are solely for human delight.



Green Wall

The first is a green living wall in the entry way of the house. The purpose of the green wall is to amaze and delight visitors to the house. 


The select design feature that the Living House will be providing is a feature staircase formed from wood. Again the sole purpose of this design feature is to delight and inspire visitors to the house.

Mosaic Art

The third design feature of the Living House will be the installation of exterior art pieces in the forms of mosaics. 

how the Living House complies

Open Days

The Living House plans on conducting two open days during the first 2 months following completion of the dwelling. This open day will be publicised to the community at large. 


This website that you are reading demonstrates the compliance of the Living House with this part of the imperative. We hope that you have found it interesting and useful!


Once the design and all the features of the house have been finalised we will be developing a simple brochure that will be available for download from this website. 

Home User Guide (O&M manual)

Due to the slightly more complicated nature of the systems that we are planning on installing in the Living House we will be writing a detailed Home User Guide to inform all occupants of the Living House as well as any future owners, just how the Living House operates.



We plan on installing discreet but informative signage throughout the house that demonstrates the design features of the dwelling as well as the products and materials that we have used to help us achieve LBC certification. We will upload a sample of this signage here when we are at that stage. 

Case Study

When the time is right we will complete the appropriate case study form and send it to the Living Future Institute for them to upload as a case study on their website. 

To ensure that beautiful Living Buildings contribute to their communities’ sense of place, delighting and inspiring their occupants for generations to come.

The project must contain design features intended solely for human delight and the celebration of culture, spirit and place appropriate to its function and meaningfully integrate public art.

Imperative 20: Inspiration + Education

To teach and encourage project occupants and visitors, as well as other design teams and the public, by providing explanatory information about the project through a variety of means.

Educational materials about the operation and performance of the project must be provided to the public to share successful solutions and to motivate others to make changes.
Projects must provide:
• An annual open day for the public.
• An educational website that shares information about the design, construction, and operation of the project.
• A simple brochure describing the design and environmental features of the project, as well as ways for occupants to optimize project function.
• A copy of the Operations and Maintenance Manual.
• Interpretive signage that teaches visitors and occupants about the project.
• A Living Building Case Study to be posted on the Institute website.

how the Living House complies


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