January 2019

January started off well with lots of things happening on site. The footings for the main house were poured with concrete and the site turned into a bit of a steel jungle again. Nexans Enviro cable (PVC free and red list compliant) turned up on site and started coming through the walls. We got more Zehndered. Some earth walls were put in followed closely by our beautiful copper pipes from Kembla (honestly why would you use anything else) and even more exciting our copper rain chain arrived from the US!

And with the amazing help of Vertical Gardens we moved our green wall into the tiny house (If you want your own one of these check out their website at www.verticalgardens.co.nz where they sell woolly pockets online).


But then wow, did the month turn to custard!

- the tenants we had lined up to rent our house pulled out
- my 94yr old grandfather moved up to Auckland to live with my mum (we picked him up on Tuesday) and he promptly fell over 5 days later and broke his femur. Cue ambulance and middlemore, surgery and lots of hospital visits in our near future. Which I have to do all the driving for as mum doesn't know how to get there.
- the tilers we had lined up to finish the bathroom won't come and membrane as our shower drain is direct on XPS rather than concrete and therefore has 10mm of movement. So no bathroom for us.
- we have no water pump, no power connection, no light fittings, no power points
- we can't find a red list free comms cable so no internet when we move in (supposedly in 8 days)
- our internet in our current house has decided that snail speed is the way to go. Yay ADSL.
- we won't have a kitchen to move in with either as the joiner is on holiday this week and won't be able to start until he gets back
- and we still don't have any windows as the timber that was meant to arrive before xmas has only just arrived
- or a finished roof as we still haven't gotten the building consent amendment approved. Auckland council keeps asking questions that have to go to Europe to be answered.
- our pool is leaking and has lost 5cm of water overnight

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