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May through September 2019

Not a lot has happened over the winter. In fact almost zero progress has been made on the house at all. We have been (I would like to say happily....but I am not sure it really is all that happily) living in the 'Tiny House' part of the Living House. It is quite small for the four of us and it really doesn't help that we haven't had any hot water for the whole of winter! 

A few things have been progressed. The walls of the garage got down. The beer bottle wall got finished (and we are now sticking plants in the necks of the bottles). Our permanent windows got installed in the Tiny House and we are now just waiting for the front door, the sills and the flashings. 

I think we are heading into a big push coming into Spring. Once Joel finishes moonlighting on other people's project's then his feet will be glued to the ground here until he has got the walls up, roof on and the windows and doors in!