August 2017

The Living House is now referred to as the extreme house of Payne or the Hell House! As you might be able to guess things did not go smoothly on site yesterday. We have 2 issues. One is a major and the other can be resolved relatively easily. 

The first thing that happened is we were trying to get the site ready by 12pm for the water proofer who was driving all the way down from Whangerei to work on our house. However when he arrived at 12pm he pretty much turned around and walked straight off the site in disgust. It was only after this happened that I realised what the problem was. The waterproofer had been expecting nice smooth piles caps to be provided to connect the waterproofing to, however the foundation design of the house didn't include pile caps. So there was a major design disconnect that occurred there. So the easy solution for that particular problem is to dig out around each of the 6 piles and provide a 100mm wide and 100-150mm deep ring of smooth concrete around each piles that the waterproofer can connect to. Easily sorted, even though it has cost us $1,000 for the waterproofers wasted time yesterday! Money we cannot afford at all. But I only realised all of this after he had been to site. Normally as a construction project manager I would have picked up on something like this, however for some reason this completely passed me by until after the waterproofer had been and gone and I was on the phone to the engineer. 


However the bigger problem, which I currently have no idea how to resolve, is the problem that I uncovered on site on Saturday when Joel broke away the concrete around the top of 2 of the piles on site. As soon as I saw them I swore. The pile cages appear to have moved in the pile holes and there is no concrete cover to the reinforcing. This could have been a biggy and  caused usanother major delay, which I was not happy about as we hd a large hole in the ground in the middle of winter and it is about to rain hard on Wednesday night. 

But the good news was that we had a site meeting with the engineer and the situation is not as bad as we first thought. It looks like we can do a bit of a site repair to the piles that don't have the required reinforcing concrete cover. This involved digging out approx 1m down the pile and then pouring a whole lot of site mixed concrete into the hole. At the same time that we do that we will also mix and pour the required pile caps for the waterproofing membrane to fix to. Thus neatly resolving 2 issues at the same time. 

So overall not a bad result. It looks like we might be able to fix everything up by Friday (after the rain on Wed and Thurs) and be back on track to pour the basement slab by next week.


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