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One of the key things that we are trying to do at The Living House is to share our journey, especially our hardships, our battles, our wins to help others who come after us. To date we have undertaken advocacy with Auckland Council on two fronts . One we won and the second is still in progress. We have also engaged with NZ banks around Eco/Green Loans

1.Financial Incentives for Sustainable Housing (in progress)
2.Discharge Consent

One battle that we have won was to get a discharge consent issued for the Living House. This was a major win as without that consent we would not have been able to target Living Building Challenge certification. It was quite a battle and took nearly a year to achieve it, but a consent was finally issued. Right at the start of our application we were told by an Auckland Council planner that they really liked the idea of our house and that they would like to be able to approve our application, but they didn't think that it would happen. However we didn't give up! So to all who follow after us, don't give up! It is possible to get things approved if you have the will. 

One of things we were asked for was proof of other similar sized projects that had done something similar. We really struggled to come up with examples. So we are putting our information up here for everybody in the future to use.  Visit the Consents Page to find this documentation.

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