New Zealand's First 'Living House'

Artistic impressions by Abdallah Alayan.

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The Living House is hoping to become the first Living Building Challenge certified building in New Zealand. We are hoping to build on the excellent example set by the Zero Energy House (ZEH) which achieved Net Zero Energy Certification and the Ideal House which achieved Passive House Certification.

The Living House is being built by Joel Payne.The Living House is 340sqm GFA (gross floor area) however the walls are 600mm thick so that reduces the internal measurements of the house to 280sqm.

In this 280sqm there is a 36m2 single storey, one bedroom minor household unit as well as an attached double garage (56sqm) and then the main house of 188sqm, which is a 4 bedroom, 2 storey dwelling with 2 bathrooms. 


The Living House is located in Beachlands, Auckland.



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The lounge and living area

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